Comprehensive 4WD repairs and servicing

Are you after a full vehicle overhaul, or need a repair service for your transmission? At Stewarts 4WD Parts and Repairs, we are Townsville’s expert team for vehicle repairs, reconditioning and upgrades.

Our Toyota and Nissan 4WD specialists offer complete and affordable vehicle overhauls. We’ll keep your rig in outstanding condition and performing optimally both on and off road.

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Mechanic under chassis — Spare parts for Toyota & Nissan 4WDs Woolcock St Garbutt, QLD

Suspension Repairs

Your 4WD gets more of a work out than your average family sedan—especially when offroading. Ensure a smooth and comfortable ride by keeping your suspension in top condition. It’s also vital for your rig’s continuing performance when driving on bumpy and uneven surfaces. Your suspension needs to be finely tuned to meet the on and off road challenges you throw at it.

Our 4WD engineers can service and repair all your vehicle’s suspension parts, including worn shock absorbers, leaking oil, bush replacement, coil spring replacement, ball joint, control arms and leaf springs. A fully serviced suspension ensures you have optimised control of the vehicle, as well as prolonging the usage of your tyres and improving your braking system.

Transmission Repairs

Most mechanical problems with your 4WD can be attributed to the transmission. Our certified
technicians will accurately diagnose the fault, and repair where necessary. Routine
maintenance of your 4WD’s transmission allows the vehicle a longer lifetime and enhanced
performance and handling.


Our transmission repair services include: 

  • Diagnosis of gearbox & transmission problems—front wheel, rear wheel & 4WDs
  • Repairs, overhauls, rebuilds & bearing replacement
  • Flushing & filter replacement for automatic transmissions
  • Transmission upgrades—valve bodies & converters
  • Supply & fit transmission oil cooler
The master repairs under the hood — Spare parts for Toyota & Nissan 4WDs Woolcock St Garbutt, QLD
Auto mechanic working in garage — Spare parts for Toyota & Nissan 4WDs Woolcock St Garbutt, QLD

Engine Repairs:

An engine tune-up for your 4WD every six months is crucial for continued performance. Using
the latest diagnostic tools from our fully equipped workshop, we can:

  • Check air intake systems
  • Clean fuel injectors
  • Replace fuel lines & filters
  • Test radiator pressure
  • Inspect fan belts & hoses
  • Check coolant condition & levels
  • Repair engine cylinder heads
  • Replace timing belts


Is your diff, transmission or steering box running a little rougher than usual? Don’t just replace it, bring your 4WD into Stewarts 4WD Parts and Repairs for a comprehensive rebuild service.
Our team can disassemble, clean and repair parts for Toyota and Nissan 4WDs.

We also have an extensive range of spare reconditioned parts available. If we’re unable to repair your particular component, we simply replace and upgrade your rig with one from our stock.